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Feb 19, 2018

Native Opinon Episode 116

Here at Native Opinion, we would like to extend our sincere condolances to the parents, friends and fellow students of the tragity that befell them at the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Florida last week. Now more than ever is it important to be active and demand that YOUR elected representatives, regardless of political party, and regardless of your personal gun ownership stance, MUST enact stronger American Gun control legislation and the allocation of more money into the mental health industry to help effect change.

The rigths of gun owners to possess weapons does not outweigh our rights as parents to have our children live and attend safe violent free school systems. Responcible Gun owners should be the FIRST to be suggesting ways to make gun ownership safer in America, not the last.

Please… call your own congressional representatives and demand action.

-Thank You

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Guest: John Kane of “Let’s Talk Native Radio Show” Find John’s show by visiting our Native Opinion Media resources page on our website: NATIVE OPINION LINK TO JOHN KANE email John

John Kane is Mohawk. He is the grandfather of nine, a Native activist, freelance columnist and radio host. He is in his eighth year as host and producer of “Let’s Talk Native…” broadcasting from the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation on line and numerous stations throughout the US and Canada, and in his fourth year as Host and producer of “Let’s Talk with John Kane” on WBAI in New York City.

Articles From This Weeks Show:

Article 1
Title: Trump administration continues to back Indian Health Service pick

Trump’s Pick to Run Indian Health Service, Cited for Business Savvy, Had Financial Struggles

Trump pick for Indian Health Service faces new questions about finances, tax liens, bankruptcy

The nomination of Robert Weaver, a citizen of the Quapaw Tribe, to lead the Indian Health Service remains in limbo amid questions about his qualifications and his past. Weaver left a former employer in financial trouble, The Wall Street Journal reported. He fell behind on billing insurance companies and collecting payments for Herndon Snider & Associates, the paper said.

“It was a major problem,” Dr. Herndon Snider, the founder of the mental health service provider, told the paper. But anyone looking to connect Weaver to Snider’s firm might have had trouble doing so. That’s because he left his work there from 2004 through 2008 off his publicly-available resume despite including other employers around the same time frame.

The omissions don’t end there. According to Roll Call, Weaver failed to disclose all of his campaign contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which was established to re-elect President Donald Trump.


Article 2

Title: Jeff Sessions remarks on ‘Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement’

Jeff Sessions remarks on ‘Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called sheriffs a “critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement” during a speech Monday. Sessions made the comment after praising the 75-year-old law enforcement group and its effort to help the Justice Department and President Donald Trump crack down on illegal immigration, among other law enforcement issues.


Article 3

Title: All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal? Author: By Dr. Mercola

FDA proposes new, risk-based enforcement priorities to protect consumers from potentially harmful, unproven homeopathic drugs

About 5 million U.S. adults and 1 million U.S. children use homeopathy every year, and the remedies are known to be “generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions,” according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.1 Yet, if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues on its latest crusade, this natural health modality may soon be much harder to come by.


Article 4

Title: OxyContin maker will stop promoting opioids to doctors Author: MARLEY JAY and MATT PERRONE

OxyContin maker will stop promoting opioids to doctors

NEW YORK (AP) — The maker of the powerful painkiller OxyContin said it will stop marketing opioid drugs to doctors, bowing to a key demand of lawsuits that blame the company for helping trigger the current drug abuse epidemic. OxyContin has long been the world’s top-selling opioid painkiller, bringing in billions in sales for privately-held Purdue, which also sells a newer and longer-lasting opioid drug called Hysingla.


This episode contains a deep discussion about the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Florida last week. A gunman opened fire at the school on Wednesday, killing 17 people and injuring 14 others. The suspected gunman, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, is a former student of the school who was expelled, and has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

The following are articles of relevance around the subject of gun reform in this country, as well as articles of how much money politicians in the United States have recieved from the Gun Lobbiest who continue to seek a continuance of the staus quo. We ask you to please consider CAREFULLY before voting to support those individuals who would recieve money and ignore the senseless killing going on in American schools today.

Students stage anti-gun protest

Florida Shooting Survivor Calls For Action: ‘We’re Children. You Guys Are The Adults’

It’s NOT too early: Our “leaders” with BLOOD on their hands

The gun lobby: See how much your representative gets