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Jun 17, 2016

Native Opinion Episode 32
“What price will we pay”

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Hosts: Michael Kickingbear & David Gray Owl.
Guest: Michael's Son joins the show from California

Federal officials: Eastern Pequots, second tribe have ‘exhausted’ recognition efforts
Published June 07. 2016 6:44PM | Updated June 08. 2016 1:00AM
HARTFORD (AP) — The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has notified two state-recognized tribes in Connecticut that they've exhausted both administrative and judicial remedies for gaining federal recognition, a claim rebuffed by the leaders of both tribes who vowed to keep pursuing their applications.
R. Lee Fleming, the director of the Office of Federal Acknowledgement, said "the only available remedy" now available to the Historical Eastern Pequot Tribe in North Stonington and the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation in Kent is Congress passing legislation granting them federal recognition.
Fleming sent similar letters to the Eastern Pequots on June 2 and the Schaghticokes on April 25.
The recognition would make the tribes eligible for federal aid for such things as housing, health care and education. It also would give them the ability to pursue economic development, such as casinos.
Richard Velky, chief of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, said the letter sent to his attorney came as a complete surprise. He said the tribe does not have any applications currently pending.
"I was taken aback. Why is this guy sending my attorney a letter like this when we requested nothing from him," Velky said.

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Gathering of Nations Announces New ABQ Home at Tingley Coliseum
The 34th Annual Gathering of Nations will be from April 27 to 29, 2017.
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Title: I’ll say this for Hillary Clinton: she certainly has nerve
By Danielle Norwood, a co-founder of WORD Posted by Women Organized to Resist and Defend June 08, 2016 10:09 PM

In a new campaign video, Clinton uses imagery from the women’s movement to position herself as a feminist candidate and her candidacy as a step forward for women. Seemingly without irony or self-awareness, she uses the images of powerful women of color like Shirley Chisholm to sell her campaign to women, working people and people of color.
Many who identify themselves as feminist seem to believe that any progress made by an individual woman, particularly a wealthy white woman, translates into progress for the rest of us. It does not. Wealth does not trickle down, nor does societal power. Dismantling oppression just doesn’t work that way. A few token members of an oppressed group being allowed into the halls of power will not set the rest of us free, and it’s disheartening to see people in 2016 still looking to women like Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton as saviors of women.

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BREAKING: Colorado Democratic Party Admits Error, Bernie Sanders Could Win Majority Of Delegates

 This election has so far seen a variety of caucus-related issues, primarily, it seems, on the Democratic side. Another such case, this time regarding the Colorado caucus, has just been revealed, thanks to reporting by The Denver Post. On April 12, the Colorado Democratic Party admitted to miscounting the results in ten percent of the state’s precincts in caucus. The Denver Post discussed in detail the potential consequences of this miscount:
‘The mistake is a minor shift with major implications. The new projection now shows the Vermont senator winning 39 delegates in Colorado, compared to 27 for Clinton.
Even if Clinton wins all 12 superdelegates in the state, Sanders can finish no worse than a split decision. The new count contrasts with  prior projections from The Post, Bloomberg Politics and The Associated Press that indicated  Clinton would probably win the majority of the 78 delegates in Colorado because of her support from party leaders with superdelegate status.
If Sanders lands one Colorado superdelegate — two are still undecided and others are  facing significant pressure — he could win the state’s delegation.’
What is most controversial about this issue isn’t the fact that a mistake was made, but the fact that a mistake was made and the Colorado Democratic Party tried to cover it up rather than fix it. The Sanders campaign was not informed about the miscount, while the Clinton campaign was.

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Bernie Sanders Campaign….Where does he/we go from here?

June 7th Super Tuesday was being built up as the last of the Primaries, excluding Washington DC. as of the date of this broadcast, Bernie Sanders is still in the race, The media has declared Hillary Clinton of the “Presuptive Nominee” and President Obama and Vice President Biden have officially endorsed Clinton for President for the Democratic party.


What if you found out that there was voter fraud being pretreated on the American people? What if you found out that…out of no fault of your own…. your vote was never counted? As a “Good American Citizen” you were just doing your “Civil Duty” to cast your vote for either the person of your choice, or the person from the Party of your choice.

So you went to your local polling place during this past primary season, and cast your vote. But what if it wasn't’ counted? Would you know? Would it it matter to you? We think it does….