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May 25, 2016


This is a Native Opinion special episode: "Washington Post is Questionable". This is a commentary provided by Michael Kickingbear which is a follow up regarding the recent article published by the Washington Post, and it's assertion that 9-10 Native Americans do not find the name of the Washington "R" NFL team offensive.

We feature an audio discussion from an episode of The Young Turks (See which involves the questionable practices of the Washington Post.

The take away from this episode we hope is this:

1.) The Washington Post is owned by Amazon's "Jeff Bezos" who contribute millions to various Democratic causes. This is one indication as to why the Washington post is biased towards the establishment.

2.) The Poll regarding the Washington Team is in itself flawed. 45 percent of the respondents the Post states are "Enrolled" with native American tribes. But they do not state which tribes they are. The REMAINING 55 percent are what they called "Self-Identified as Native American". Well, that can be any non-native that "thinks" they are native American but aren't sure....

3.) A poll conducted by Vince Schilling (of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe) through his own Twitter account show results that completely reverse the findings. (Take Poll, or see it's results: Defenders of the Washington poll have tried to discredit his poll stating that it is tainted because the bulk of Schillings followers are Native American. Well, what sense does that make? The Washington Post professes that they polled native American and people who "identify" as Native American. Which would you rather have? A poll that you aren't quite sure all or most of the respondents are Native people or one where you are pretty sure are?


Resources that you can use to balance what you are hearing from non-native defenders of the poll:



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