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Sep 8, 2019

Native Opinion Episode 187

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Episode Summary:

Increasing Access to S.T.E.M. programs for Native American students including “Soverign” summer camps is our focus in this episode. Also, Trumps irresponcible weather forcasting and stupidity by mainstream news media. And more… Music by Mohawk recording artist Julian Taylor. ________________________________________________________

The Native Opinion theme song “Honor The People” is by Casper Loma Da Wa.



NAGPRA and other laws waived for Trump’s border wall.

Top 10 things to know about the Day of the Dead.

A short documentary produced by Britain’s BBC about Day of the Dead

Four deaths by suicide, 22 attempts an ‘ongoing crisis’ in God’s Lake First Nation.

Native students learn about science in ‘Sovereign’ summer camp.

Cherokee Nation Names First Delegate To Congress.

Official treaty of New Echota.

Native American hydrologist talking about his tribe and wildfires.


Living Landscapes, How a Changing Climate is Affecting a Tribal Community.

More information about Casey Ryan’s work at these sites:



New Jersey Cop Faces Up to 40 Years for Federal Charges Including Using Excessive Force.

In 1912, This Georgia County Drove Out Every Black Resident.

A top federal prosecutor in Ohio just sent a harsh message to white supremacists. ________________________________________________________

Building a STEM Pathway for Native Students.

Sailors Find Pumice ‘Raft’ the Size of Washington D.C. Floating in Pacific that Could Help Restore Great Barrier Reef.


ARTIST: Julian Taylor Band

TRACK: Avalanche


The voice drifting into the lobby from the soundcheck sounds so timeless it might be emerging from some ancient well of souls at the end of the world, but it’s also fresh and vulnerable.

Other times, lost in the dreads, the voice comes up out of the shadow summoning ancestral tones of Maroon resistance or slipping into a high Mohawk register. So…not a monotone experience at all. And well beyond stereo. In fact not of any one genre. Not limited that way. There’s no dissonance. it’s a harmonic whole.

Julian Taylor masterfully re-combines and updates the vintage sounds that inspired him, to create bold, innovative songs. Taylor, of both West Indian and Native Canadian decent, is a charismatic frontman, prolific songwriter, and endearing individual – the kind who immediately connects and makes you feel at ease. That character of warmth and generosity permeates everything Taylor does.

Toronto poet Robert Priest describes him as “the kind of artist forever in the zone, the voice limitless, the songs full of feeling and memorable hooks.”

In his His latest album, “Avalanche” the title track of the same name is inspired by death, remorse, redemption, and unconditional love. “Life is made of two things” Taylor says… “moments and the memories that they leave behind. This is the title track to the album because when I began working on this record my life was in turmoil. It felt similar to a time when I buried a lot of close friends. I was in this endless spiral of self-destruction and it seemed like I was at a funeral every other weekend.

Julian Taylor Band Website

Kutupitush! (Thank You!) for listening!