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May 27, 2018

Native Opinon Episode
Past Interviews

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While the hosts continue their vacation, please enjoy this special “Past Interviews” from 2015–2017 years of our show. We have been truly blessed by the creator to have some really fantastic guests who work hard in Activism, Health & Wellness, Entertainment, politics and writing. We will be back on June 1st with the live show and new podcast content.

This special contains our interviews with:

Jennifer Pictou of Dawnland Tours

Author: Brian Chenevert (Abenaki) (Episode 14 2016)

Author: Larry Spotted Crow Man (Nipmuc) (Episode 16 2016)

Author: Ruth Hopkins (Oceti Shakowin) (Episode 21 of 2016)

Author/Speaker: Johnnie Jae (Otoe-Missouria and Choctaw) (Episodes 17 & 96)

Recording Artist: Raye Zaragoza (Episode 47) (In 2016)

Recording Artist: Jan Michael Lokingwolf (Episodes 78 & 98) (2017)

Recording Artits/Speakers: Little Mike & Funnybone

Politician: Dr. Jill Stien (episode 46) (2016)

Author/Activist Jackie Keeler

Author/Activist: Rachel Lorenzo

Kutupitush! (Thank You!) for listening!