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Feb 18, 2019

Native Opinion Episode 161

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Native Leaders at the Congress of American Indians Level direct criticizm of the Trump administration at the State of Indian Nations Address.

What does the recently introduced “Green New Deal” mean for Indian Country?

Will David Bernhardt be named as the new Secretary of the Department of the Interior? Should his ties to Big Oil be a concern for Indian Country?

What will the 2020 election bring for Native Americans? We present an article from Mark Trahant, the editor of Indian Country today, who speculates on how the election cycle might shake out.

In a rare moment, The hosts disagree slightly on the criticism of Senator Elizabeth Warren leveled at her by Indian Country. Is it warranted?

Music featured in this episode is from Robbie Robertson.

Plus our Listener feedback & Voicemail

The Native Opinion theme song “Honor The People” is by Casper Loma Da Wa.



From Listener Cliff Leasing the Rain, The world is running out of fresh water, and the fight to control it has begun….

John Bolton Admits US-backed Coup in Venezuela Is About Oil, Not Democracy.

**From Listener Glenn ** Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Renewable Energy.

Article 1. Native leaders deliver a rebuke of Trump administration at State of Indian Nations. Hear the complete 17th annual State of Indian Nations Address.

Article 2. The Green New Deal: What does it mean for Indian Country?.
Hear Drilled Podcast: “Oil Companies radial inaction on climate”.

Article 3. President names David Bernhardt new Interior secretary.

Article 4. Mark Trahant: Indian Country and the 2020 presidential race

EXTRA CONTENT What Is Democratic Socialism?.

Indian Act and Elected Chief and Band Council System.

An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? What Do I Need to Know?.


ARTIST: Robbie Robertson TRACK: Stomp Dance


Jaime Royal “Robbie” Robertson is born on July 5th in Toronto, Canada. His father from Toronto; his mother, of Mohawk descent, born and raised on the Six Nations Reservation. At an early age, Robbie begins learning guitar from relatives during his summer visits to the reservation. His music career began in 1960 when Singer Ronnie Hawkins records two early Robertson songs [“Hey Boba Lu” and “Someone Like You”] for his Mr. Dynamo LP. Robertson then joins Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks on lead guitar.

In late summer, in 1965, Bob Dylan is looking for a backup band for his first U.S. “electric” tour. Robertson is recruited to play guitar and after two shows the balance of The Hawks are brought aboard With Dylan, the Hawks play a series of concerts from September 1965 through May 1966, marking Dylan’s final transition from folk to rock. Robbie plays guitar on the John Hammond album So Many Roads.

Robbie Robertson has also had an active career in the film industry, beginning with the documentary by Martin Scorsese entitled “The Last Waltz” is released as is the album of the same name. The film has been hailed as one of the greatest concert films ever made.

In 1979, Robertson co-stars with Gary Busey and Jodie Foster in Carny (released 1980). He also co-writes, produces and composes source music for the film. Robbie becomes one of the first rock’n’rollers to seriously engage the medium of a film... Robertson creates background music and produces source music for Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull also released that same year.

More recently, Robbie was featured and worked on the documentary “Rumble, The Indians That Rocked The World” released in 2017, which features amazing mainstream artists who pay homage to the Native Americans in music who influenced them...

Robbie Robertson WEBSITE.

Check Out “Rumble, The Indians That Rocked the World”.

Kutupitush! (Thank You!) for listening!