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Mar 1, 2016


Hour 1:

We speak with Larry Spotted Crow Mann, an award winning Nipmuc writer, poet, cultural educator, Traditional Story Teller, tribal drummer /dancer and motivational speaker involving youth sobriety, cultural and environmental awareness.

He travels throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe to schools, colleges, powwows and other organizations sharing the music, culture and history of Nipmuc people. He has also given lectures at universities throughout New England on issues ranging from Native American Sovereignty to Identity.

In 2013 his poetry was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
Mann's first book, "Tales From the Whispering Basket", is internationally acclaimed and has received excellent reviews.

Mann’s new book, "The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving" has been a number one selling novel out of Word Branch Publishing and is the 2015 winner of the WordCraft Circle of Native American Writers Young Adult Novel. Scholars, students and everyday readers are calling it one of the most powerful and memorable books they have ever read.

Larry Spotted Crow Mann was applauded for his role in the PBS Native American film We shall Remain, directed by Chris Eyre. Also featured in two documentaries- Winner of the NPS 2007 Award for Interpretive Media: Living in Two Worlds,Native American Experiences on the Boston Harbor Islands,
And First Patriots, produced by Aaron Cadieux. Furthermore he has worked in the field of human services for over 10 years, mostly in the field of mental health and helping at risk youth.

His work in Protecting the environment includes Working with Tribal, federal and state agencies to preserve land and wildlife, most notably Atlantic Salmon

Publishing Credits:

* Publishing’s include the Memescapes Journal of Fine Arts at Quinsigamond College.
* Indian Country Today Magazine
* Contributing work in the book by Margaret Barton, New England on Fire , and
* Dawn Land Voices: Native American Anthology of New England : University of Nebraska Press
His poetry and quotes have been included in:
* Go Green Conference for the Medical Services Administration of Puerto Rico
* WordCraft Circle of Native American Writers
* My Heart Is Red Project: A journey across the United States and Canada of photography and video of Native Americans, by Mayoke photography.
Also Mann’s books, Tales from the Whispering Basket; a compelling collection of short stories and poetry~ The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving, A Powerful Novel that takes us beyond what we think we know about Thanksgiving, America and ourselves.

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In Hour 2:

"Imagine having your citizenship taken away from you. That’s what happens when a member of a tribe is disenrolled, or kicked out, of their tribe by their tribal government even if no criminal accusation was ever made." 

This is a growing concern amongst more than 80 federally recognized native american tribes. Michael and David discuss why this is such a horrible idea, what the motivations are, and how these actions undermine the hard work of tribes to obtain federal recognition, and to become "less invisible".

Subject matter resources:

1.) ‘Stop Disenrollment’ Posts Get More Than 100K Views Author: Richard Walker 2/29/16


2.) The Debate Over Disenrollment Author: Duane Champagne 6/28/14


3.) Something is Threatening Native Americans and It’s Called Tribal Disenrollment Author: Amy Stretten

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