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Jan 29, 2018

Native Opinion Episode 113
“Honesty, What’s That?”

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Guest: Chef Sean Sherman You can find out all about Chef Sean, and the great folks doing outstanding work at The Sioux Chef by visiting their website:
The Sioux Chef Indigenous Kitchen is available in hardcover and can be ordered here

Please support Chef Sean’s North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems

Article 1
Title: An alternative health care delivery system for urban Indians
Author: Wayne Iteska

This article provides background and history of the Indian Health Service and the Tribal Self-governance program for the purpose of advocating for an alternative health care delivery system for urban Indian people residing in Rapid City, South Dakota. The Indian Health Service is an agency of the Public Health System within the Department of Health and Human Services. The Indian Health Service administers the Tribal Self- Governance program. Indian tribes are separate and distinct governments; a government to government relationship between the U.S. Government and tribal governments developed through treaty-making. This government to government relationship is also contained in the commerce clause and treaty clause of the U.S. Constitution.



Article 2


CLOQUET, MINNESOTA – Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, in partnership with the Northeast Minnesota Beekeepers Association, is hosting a day-long workshop called “Beekeeping and More!” on Saturday, February 17, 2018, for anyone interested in learning about beekeeping as a hobby or as a commercial enterprise. The Symposium will open at 8:30 a.m. and classes run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. starting in the college commons.



Article 3

Title: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Held On to Undisclosed Shares In Gun Company
Author: Itai Vardi for HuffPost

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is a shareholder in a private Montana company that manufactures and sells firearms and advanced weapons materials, a financial interest he did not disclose when nominated last year.

In response to inquiries from HuffPost, both Zinke and the company, PROOF Research Inc., confirmed the secretary’s holdings, though the dollar value placed on them varied. This previously undisclosed holding comes to light after numerous decisions in his first year in office that benefited the hunting and gun industries.



Article 4

Title: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down State’s Congressional Map, Saying It Illegally Benefits GOP
Author: Sam Levine, HuffPost

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state’s congressional map went so far to benefit Republicans that it “clearly, plainly and palpably” violated the state constitution. The court, where Democrats have a 5–2 majority, blocked the use of the map in the 2018 midterm elections, ordered state lawmakers to begin to draw a new map.

The suit against the congressional map, which only challenged it under Pennsylvania’s state constitution, was one of the most watched voting rights cases in the country.

The ruling could encourage groups to bring similar challenges against congressional gerrymandering cases in other states and bypass a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, which is currently considering two cases dealing with partisan gerrymandering.



Article 5
Title: A Tripple Threat To The Mid-West’s Ogallala Aquifer…

Author: Michael Kickingbear, Native Opinion Radio Show & Podcast

My-cohost Dave has been a long time advocate and warrior for clean water, trying to bring awareness to the stubborn (such as myself initially) about the threats that are happening right now to available groundwater sources across the country.

After listening to David, and other research, I started learning about threats to water such as what the Multi-National conglomerate, Nestle bottling company, take through water easement rights deals that they make with small American towns and impoverished countries around the world. In some cases, millions of gallons of water are pumped and removed from these sites DAILY from such sites, and where the levels of these water sources are becoming increasingly low, and the rates of replenishment to these supplies (Such as rainfall) are not fast enough to offset the usage.