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Apr 9, 2017

“EPISODE 75 “Music, Dance, & Praise”


We want to express our deepest sympathy and prayers to the innocent people in Syria who lost loved ones in the horrific gas weapon attack on its people of that country. There is NEVER a justified reason on this entire planet for killing innocent people, in particular….children. Nor does it make any sense to bomb another country in retaliation to a travesty, killing even more innocent civilians in an effort to “get a few bad people”. Know that the creator is bigger than any issue, any problem, and ANY president. Our hearts are with those who were lost.

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GUEST: Lil Mike & Funny Bone AKA MikeBone


LIL MIKE + FUNNYBONE are a Native American HipHop duo born & raised in Oklahoma City, known together as "MIKE BONE" are full-time Recording Artists, Entertainers & Speakers. These two exploded onto the scene with an unforgettable performance on NBC's America's Got Talent. Though Brothers but not twins, short but not midgets, they are unique in every way. They've spent years making music and performing from Arenas to Casino's, School's, to Club's, Birthday Parties, & Churches.
Known as "MIKE BONE" they've opened up for big name artists, been on TV, played in penitentiaries, & mobbed by screaming fans. From their quality lyrics to their seemingly endless energy on stage, MIKE & BONE have become Music & Performance icons.
It hasn't been easy getting to that point. From homelessness to gang violence, to discrimination, all the while maintaining their faith in GOD. More than just recording artists, MIKE BONE take Rap/Performance to a Whole New Level as influential Rappers, Dancers, & Speakers. Traveling the world, climbing charts, & gaining popularity, all while making a difference!

Articles Discussed in This Episode:

TITLE:  Fish and Wildlife may propose a horse hunt on the Navajo Nation
AUTHOR: by Christopher S. Pineo, March 30, 2017, Friday, March 31, 2017


TITLE: Pastor Raises Money To Buy Out Liquor Stores Near Reservation
DATE: April 2, 20177:46 AM ET