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Feb 11, 2017

Native Opinion Episode

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Michael Kickingbear’s Native American Reservation Privatization Concept & Fear…

So Anti-clean water people view this law as a states rights issue, something that Cheeto has also stated on numerous occasions during the presidential campaign.
So how does this tie to Indian Country? Here is how I see this going down….

* The Trump administration’s true intentions are to make a case that reservations are (or should be) a states rights issue.

* Pitch to tribes (By utilizing the so-called Native American Coalition) that government should get out of it’s way, by saying no more interference from the federal government over land in trust matters through the introduction of a house bill to pretend to revert some control of lands back to tribes, and encourage governance of lands to be compacts between tribes and states.

* This action would be the start of privatization of Native American reservations. This would entice individual states to find ways to take what is now reservation land through new or pre-existing bad state laws that would push tribes off traditional homelands to gain access to these lands for oil drilling or fracking.

* One example of this might be a form of imminent domain, citing a justification that “it’s in the best interest of all residents of the state” and offer ridiculously low amounts of money for the land to the tribe(s)

* Those lands would/could then be sold by the state to energy companies, which of course fits in with the Trump Administration’s “America First” energy plan.


Audience Homework…

You Want to make your voice heard in Washington DC, but Trump shut down the White House comment line….soooo what do you do? Call his satellite offices!

TITLE: “Trump Shut Down White House Comment Line, So This Tool Lets You Call One of His Businesses to Complain…”
Sub-Title: By not divesting himself from his businesses, he's actually creating satellite White Houses all over the world," says the team behind
Author: by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer for website Common Dreams


TITLE: The Water of the waters of the United States rule.
SOURCE: rule_preamble_web_version.pdf


Title: Trump names Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA
Author: By Chris Mooney, Brady Dennis and Steven Mufson December 8, 2016
Source: trump-names-scott-pruitt-oklahoma-attorney-general-suing-epa-on- climate-change-to-head-the-epa/?utm_term=.68f03e666c9c


Title: Tohono O’odham Nation Reiterates Their Stance on Border Wall
Author: Toyacoyah Brown January 29th, 2017



Track: “Mirror Me”
Artist: Shawnee
Bio: After writing and releasing her single “Mirror Me”
the song hit # 1 on the NAMC charts aired on Much Music and was supported by stations and media internationally. She was then named one of MTV’s (Top Gender Bending Artists) as a Two-Spirit person. The Canadian powerhouse Mohawk has come far from her first performances singing as a Shania Twain impersonator in her home town of Welland Ontario and has since shared the stages with the worlds top artists like Tegan and Sara , and Lady GaGa and touring as a backing vocalist with
Roxette and Glass Tiger. Her voice has appeared on top shows from CTV, Disney TV, APTN and more. Known for her high powerful soul filled vocal dynamics and ability and her passionate high energy vibrant live performance Shawnee was named a Fan Favorite in the 2016 Native Trail Blazers. Exclaim magazine says “Shawnee has a unique charm”


Violence Against Women’s Act…

in the 2013 the reauthorization of the Violence against women’s act bill was introduced. Because of the provisions regarding Indians on tribal lands (Title 6) Jeff Sessions did not support the bill despite Bi partizan support which led it to being passed anyway.

The Reauthorization of the Violence Against Woman’s Act:

Study of title 6 of VAWA, Native American Women: