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Apr 20, 2016


Hour 1:

We discuss North Carolina's "Bathroom Law" introduced in North Carolina, endorsed by that state's Governor, Pat McCrory, as well as the state of Mississippi. The law directs trans gendered people to use bathrooms that match the gender listed on their birth certificates. Later in the hour we look at the complete irresponsibility of the EPA to Native American farmers in not even sending a representative to hearings that discuss the Colorado mine disaster late last year. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will not attend. This is considered a complete insult to native American Farmers and the respective tribes that they represent who are adversely affected by the toxic sludge that spilled in the Animas River affecting the waterways that those tribes and farmers rely on.

Hour 2:

We provide a deconstruction of the Democratic debate leading into the April 19th Primary in the State of New York. Native Opinion officially backs Senator Bernie Sanders. Discussion includes why we feel News media outlets should not run these debates, the lies Hillary Clinton consistently commits, and we play several clips from the debate with commentary.

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