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Apr 10, 2016

Native Opinion 4/8/16

This episode of Native Opinion is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!  Due to extreme language, and the content

The Great Ralphie May Debate

Segment "A" Ralphie May’s Offensive behavior to native people

Discussion points…. Set up the whole situation for the audience. What happened, Why it happened…etc…

Cut 1 NNN_May_Performance_Cancelled
Cut 2 “Fuck a bunch of Indians.mp3 The actual Offense
Cut 3 “Ralphie May Apology.mp3 His pre-recorded Apology.

At this point, we want to ask the audience to ask themselves… do you believe him?

Segment "B" May’s Appearance on the Native Trailblazers Show

TB_Ralphie 1:

May begins by citing current topics of problems tribes have in this country. Playing to the hosts a bit. He then try to give some background on the joke itself.
May state’s that the cut that appears on the Savage Family album was stolen, and taken out of context from the overall.

What goes through our mind is that this is his material. Why couldn’t he put his hands on the full 15 minutes?


In this cut, Ralphie states all the different things that Native Americans have lost.
Language, Religion, culture, and controlled us with alcohol.

Fuk a Bunch of Indians_From_Rap_Album

About Hip Hop Group “Savage Family”:

SAVAGE FAMILY (savage from the root words salvaticus and salvage meaning "of the woods")/HGS (HIGHERGROUNDS OF STRUGGLE)is a collective movement of indigneous mc's/lyricists and producers along with the many who have helped to establish the concepts and beliefs that drive our music. SAVAGE FAMILY /HGS is spread throughout the United Snakes primarily based out of the Northwest and the Midwest regions.

TB_Ralphie 3

Delores poses her fist question and statement. She mentions Ralphie’s Audience, and their reaction to what he says in his shows, and how the public has now reacted to native people as a result of this content… Ralphie claims he never learned about the word “Savage” in schools, but learned about this slur later….



Delores second question/Comment pertained to kids that go to or watch his show, and that native kids were hurt by his young fans because of his material. May stated again that his comments (in his show) were taken out of context. He then states he didn’t think anyone would take it seriously, and that in context, he mentions that he addresses all stereotypes, and then spins it to blaming Hollywood.


Delores Asks May what was the purpose of deleting the tweets that he sent once the word was out about the audio that hit the web. May gives his reaosns……

[Read Mays Deleted Tweets]


Hosts introduce Adrianne Chalepah, a native comedian who uploaded May’s audio to the web making everyone aware of the content.

Conclude the Discssussion.

Hour 2:

Bomani Jones, wears “Caucasians” shirt on ESPN

Bomani Jones is the host of the daily sports talk show The Right Time on ESPN radio, a co-host of the ESPN sports television program Highly Questionable, and a panelist on the sports round table discussion show Around the Horn. As CEO of Old Soul Productions, Bomani hosts The Evening Jones, a weekly, one hour, audience driven podcast discussing a range of pop culture topics.

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Native Comedian Adrianne Chalepah