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Nov 20, 2016

“ EPISODE 55 Death by Dis-enrollment.”

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Our Guest: Michelle Hammock


Episode Description:

Michelle Hammock is currently the co-creator of Stop Tribal Genocide, a movement showcasing dis-enrollment a tactic of cowardice being used by some tribal councils around the country which are in violation of the Indian Civil Rights Act, and displays an extreme irresponsible use of tribal sovereignty. We discuss how these tribal governments are willingly embracing this “tool”, and how these tribes are using it with swift, detrimental indifference against fellow tribal members without any regard to what dis-enrollment will do to the tribal body as a whole.

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Articles referenced in this episode:

Title: Hopland tribe in turmoil 

By Sarah Reith, For the Ukiah Daily Journal

POSTED: 03/14/16, 7:28 PM PDT | UPDATED: ON 03/14/2016


Title: Tribal Disenrollment is an IMMORAL Use of Tribal Sovereignty. IT IS GENOCIDE: 

Michelle Hammock, Hopland Pomo

Sunday, October 9, 2016



Title: Disenrollment, is Indian De-Population: Tribal Governments Violating rights, Disenrolling, Disenfranchising, Reclassifying, Denying or placing in Moratorium and Banishing Members

Wednesday, September 16, 2015