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Jul 9, 2017

Native Opinion Episode
EPISODE 87 “Fashion Appropriate.”

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Opening Poem provided by Mary Black.


Mary Black is an Ojibwe woman from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. She is a poet, and a documentarian who is sharing her own experiences in recovering from OCD and depression on her youtube channel “BlueThunderbird SkyWoman”.


Our Guests in this episode:

Native Fashion history experts Dana Goodin & Regan Loggins


Dana is a host and researcher for Unravel Podcast which is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. She works as a textile conservator at the Textile Conservation Lab at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.  She recently earned her M.A. in Fashion and Textile Studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a focus in textile conservation. Previously, she has worked for the conservation lab for the Museum at FIT, and the private corporate archives of Calvin Klein and Thom Browne. 

As an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation (Nuh-Muh-nuh), she is committed to researching, communicating and preserving the material culture of ignored and systematically underrepresented communities. This spring, she presented an oral research paper on the dress history of Quanah Parker (her great-great-great grandfather) at the Costume Society of America.  She is currently researching Comanche twentieth-century dress and identity, which will be her dissertation focus when she pursues her doctorate in fashion history at Iowa State University.

Regan Loggans (Choctaw) is a fashion and textile historian of who received her BA from Hunter College in archeology/anthropology and an MA in fashion and textile history from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her academic research focuses on the social and ethical importance of indigenous ethnographic textiles. She works as a consultant for a number of institutions, including the National Museum of the American Indian, most recently working on the Native Fashion Now exhibition. Regan also teaches traditional weaving methods, revitalizing the creativity and insight of her ancestors.


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No Indigenous News presented in this episode.