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Dec 12, 2018

Native Opinion Episode 151

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The United States Justice Department released its annual report to the Congress revealing prosecuting statistics of cases for Indian Country. An article by Indian country today is discussed which looks at Justice department partnerships with tribes.

Also, a tweet stream from director, John Little of the documentary “More Than A Word” looks at the failings of airports and the TSA in accepting Tribal ID’s as a form of Identification when traveling and other means. We look deeper at this problem.

In our main discussion:

We do a follow up from an article published in “The Atlantic” by author Garret Epps that asks the question “Who Owns Oklahoma?” In a legal case now being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States, The location of the murder of a Muscogee Creek man by another Muscogee Creek citizen is calling into question the very definition of Oklahoma vs “what is Indian County”? Oklahoma could become theoretically “smaller” if it determined that more state land is returned back to the “5 civilized tribes”.

The Native Opinon theme song “Honor The People” is by Casper Loma Da Wa.


The “Coffee with my ma” podcast

The Definition of Resilience

DOJ releases annual Indian Country Investigations and Prosecutions report


Who Owns Oklahoma?

Hear the supreme court arguments here

Full Transcript of the Oral Arguments Here


Director Ken Little of Stanidng Rock Tribe. “More Than A Word” Documentary

Mark Trahant: Indian Country left out of latest life expectancy report

Arizona historical sites bulldozed and destroyed - AZ Parks director suspended

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA)

American Antiquities Act of 1906

National Historic Preservation Act of 1966

High Country News: Parks director fired over bulldozing of sensitive sites

Creek Nation committee votes to reinstate free press act

Ammon Bundy Quits Militia Movement in Solidarity With Migrant Caravan


ARTIST: Buffy Sainte Marie (Cree…Canada)

TRACK: You Got To Run


This is a collection of front-line songs about unity and resistance some brand new and some classics – and I want to put them to work. These are songs I’ve been writing for over fifty years, and what troubles people today are still the same damn issues from 30–40–50 years ago: war, oppression, inequity, violence, rankism of all kinds, the pecking order, bullying, racketeering and systemic greed. Some of these songs come from the other side of that: positivity, common sense, romance, equity and enthusiasm for life.

I’ve found that a song can be more effective than a 400-page textbook. It’s immediate and replicable, portable and efficient, easy to understand – and sometimes you can dance to it. Effective songs are shared, person-to-person, by artists and friends, as opposed to news stories that are marketed by the fellas who may own the town, the media, the company store and the mine. I hope you use these songs, share them, and that they inspire change and your own voice. -Buffy St Marie

Visit Buffy’s website at:

Kutupitush! (Thank You!) for listening!