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Jun 11, 2018

Native Opinon Episode 129
American Greed. Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

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Sadly, American greed kills millions and steals countless billions. Resources tend to be at the center of much of this. Land, Energy, Water, even Hunting and fishing grounds have all been capitalized for monetary gain. America also Whitewashes the truth, then rinses their hands of the blood it has spilled and Repeats the process, including to other countries. Its history is not glorious, particularly from the Indigenous perspective. In this episode, we take a look at a few examples of American history, and its encroachment on Indigenous people.

WARNING! the examples in this episode are real, and goes against certain narritives you might have been taught in public school…


1893 Americans overthrow Hawaiian monarchy
Hawaiian Sovereignty & International Law by David Keanu Sai Ph.D.

Lanakila Mangauil talks Hawaiian Culture

1898 U.S. takes control of Puerto Rico


How Western Countries Steal From Africa by Patenting Her Natural Resources



Paul LaRoche is the founder and producer of the award-winning Native American music group Brulé. The group is best known for thrilling audiences with a mergence of cultural rock and theatrical instrumentations. Now in their 20th season, their national performances carry the same contagious excitement as Trans Siberian Orchestra, Celtic Thunder, and Riverdance—but with the emotional impact of the American Indian culture.

The group is one of the top-selling Native American adult/rock music groups and has chalked up impressive CD sales (over 1 million worldwide). Brulé has released 21titles in 20 years and has been named “Group of the Year” five times by the prestigious Native American Music Awards, earning seven NAMMYs since 2002. Their annual performance schedule takes them extensively throughout the U.S., touring the casino, performing arts theatre, arena, corporate and festival circuits.

Brulé has pushed the boundaries of contemporary Native American rhythms and classic rock in their genre-blending selections. Their electrifying show consists of a 5-piece rock ensemble augmented with an array of traditional Native American instrumentation. Paired with the stunning steps of one of the top Native American dance troupes, their authenticity brings a multi-dimensional art form to this cultural rock opera.

Brulé produced over 70 episodes of the TV Program “Hidden Heritage” for cable TV. RFD-TV is a cable TV network that broadcasts to over 40 million homes across the United Sates and international markets. The show “Hidden Heritage” presents positive stories from across Native America. Brulé is pioneering a new trend in the music industry: the epic Native American Rock Theatre.

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