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Jul 24, 2016

Native Opinion Episode 38

 “America…the Beautiful?”


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Title: Donald trump has a history of mocking people’s native American heritage


Sam Stein

Senior Politics Editor, The Huffington Post




Additional Source:


Article 2: 

Title:  Playground Built over an old cemetery has angered residents




Article 3

We want to tell you about the “Edge Of Morning” project. 

Edge of Morning, Native Voices Speak for the Bears Ears, is an anthology of potent words and story by fifteen native writers who champion the protection of the Bears Ears area. 

Bears Ears is a land carrying the past of over thirteen native tribes. It is a land of cultural, spiritual, and ecological significance that records the continuous presence of people for more than ten thousand years. It is a land in critical need of protection. Edge of Morning contributor Martie Simmons (Ho-Chunk) Said, "to this day, it’s a matter of Land Grab Roulette, no different from broken treaties, a gamble for whose tribe will be next." 

Currently, they have raised $11,692 towards this project.  Please join us and help make this project a reality!  it’s very important!

Please visit the Kickstarter page for this project! Thank you for your support! 


Article 4

Title: California remains a battleground for Indian Child Welfare Act



See The report from the task force