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Apr 26, 2016



[Music Show Open]

Opening discussion…What’s going on with David and Michael?

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Native Headline News

DAVID: Trump Advisor Joseph Schmitz Promotes Anti-Indian and Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Calls for End to the Vote for People Receiving Public Assistance.

MIKE: Why So Many American Indians Have an Issue With Coachella:

DAVID: Chairman of Lumbee Tribe concerned about use of HUD funding:

MIKE: Thunder Valley CDC Begins Grassroots Housing and Community Construction on Pine Ridge:

DAVID: Nooksack Tribe fires judge handling dis-enrollment case:

MIKE: Harriet Tubman on the 20 [PLAY CNN AUDIO] Read Headline: Indian-Killer Andrew Jackson Deserves Top Spot on List of Worst U.S. Presidents:

Wrap up discussion, and introduce Mike’s Special “Trump: a Career Of Racism”

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[Start Mike’s Discussion]

Mike Reads Trumps Opening Statement to the sub-committee:
Full Sub-Committee Transcript:

Read Fact: In 1993, Trump stated that 9.25 percent of GROSS income went to the state of New Jersey. This information is found on Page 180 on the Transcript.

Trump stated that "in 1992 New Jersey casinos (collectively) provided 255 Million to the fund known there as "The Casio Revenue Fund, or the CRF) In Connecticut, that following year, The Mashantucket Pequot tribe via Foxwoods Resort Casino contributed over 400 Million to the state of Connecticut. EACH tribe contributes 25 Percent of SLOT revenue to what is known as the "Pequot/Mohegan Fund".

[Wrap Up Trump discussion]

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[Politics Session]

Topic 1: New York Voting System

DAVID: “New York Attorney General Opens Investigation Into Voting Irregularities At Primary”

MIKE: “Disenfranchised Primary Voters Look To New York Election Judges For Relief”:


[Play the video audio of Ralph Nader commenting on Hilary Clintons debate claims]

Topic 2: The 911 Missing 28 Pages... Can United States Citizens sue Foreign Governments?

[Play No Agenda clip & provide Commentary.]

[Close the show]


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