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Mar 21, 2016

In this episode of Native Opinion:


Tara Houska, co-founder of "Not Your Mascots" is our guest. Established in 2014, not Your Mascots is an organization dedicated to addressing the misappropriation of Indigenous identity, imagery and culture. Through educational and advocacy efforts, not your mascots provide a...

Mar 15, 2016

NO_Episode 18_"Native Invisibility"

This episode explores the concept of "invisibility" as felt and experienced by native american people. Dave and Mike take current relevant examples from mainstream media and other sources to try to draw attention to how Native people, and our culture are used to highlight, then...

Mar 6, 2016

Our guest: Johnnie Jae

In this  episode of Native Opinion, we welcome to the show Johnnie Jae. Subjects discussed range from tribal politics, dis-enrollment, and cultural appropriation. Jae describes her work with "A Tribe Called Geek" and the Native Success Style Radio Network".



Johnnie Jae is of the...

Mar 1, 2016


Hour 1:

We speak with Larry Spotted Crow Mann, an award winning Nipmuc writer, poet, cultural educator, Traditional Story Teller, tribal drummer /dancer and motivational speaker involving youth sobriety, cultural and environmental awareness.

He travels throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe to...