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Dec 29, 2015

Episode 8:


Double Standard:

In this episode, we take a look at whether or not there is there a double standard in the application process, and the issue of conceal and carry laws in this country when “minorities” apply for conceal and carry licenses? Native Opinion takes a look at some new issues around this...

Dec 19, 2015

Episode 5-5b:

It’s not your art:

In this episode of Native Opinion, we discuss the appropriation of Indigenous art, and misused and copied by non-natives.

Dec 19, 2015

Episode 4:

Evading responsibility:

 In this episode of Native Opinion, we take a look at why governments apologize to its indigenous people, and how those apologizes seem hallow in comparison. Here you will find a link to the Sacred Land Film Project. (refer to their Youtube channel), and the second below is link titled...

Dec 19, 2015

Episode 3:


This episode covers topics on immigration as well as other subject matter relating to immigration. One of the topics in this episode also covers people assuming cultural identities that are not theirs. The first segment of the show centers around people assuming cultural identities that are not...

Dec 14, 2015

This episode concerns past attempts at c of Native people here in the US. We also touch on problems for Indigenous people around the world. There are things that have happened in recent times to thwart the efforts of Native peoples here in the US, who are attempting to create and maintain self-sufficiency. The link...